When White Dress Films contacted us about launching an SEO campaign, they already had a modern, interactive website. Although this website looked great, it was lacking a good SEO campaign. Although website visitors were pleased with what they saw when they came across the website, the number of people arriving there was much smaller than the company desired.

We worked with White Dress Films to find out exactly what they do, and what services they have on offer. Based on this information, we launched a highly successful SEO campaign. Not only do the company now feature highly in searches for relatively specific terms such as “wedding videographer Essex”, they can also be found near the top of results for people searching for much more generic terms such as “wedding videographer”, “wedding videography company” and “professional wedding videographer”.

This campaign has greatly increased the amount of traffic heading towards the website, which has in turn helped the White Dress Films client base grow, with the company now taking enquiries from people based all over the country. As wedding videography is a rapidly growing industry, this growth is expected to continue into the future, as potential clients not only find them easily when searching for a wedding videographer, but also as those clients who have found and used them recommend the services of White Dress Films to their friends and relatives who are getting married.

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White Dress Films

White Dress Films