Make Sure your Business Isn’t Breaching UK Health and Safety Laws

A survey conducted by WorkMobile has revealed that an estimated two thirds of UK based businesses my actually be operating in breach of basic health and safety laws, putting their workforce in danger.

The survey was conducted amongst companies with five or more employees and involved more than 2000 people. The results showed that 65% of workers hadn’t received any health and safety information or training – despite there being a legal requirement in place for companies to supply this.

What was also revealed by the survey was that of those people who were provided with written health and safety guidance, what they were given didn’t adequately explain the risks. In fact. 27% of those who had read their company’s health and safety information stated that they didn’t think it covered enough detail about potential risks and how to deal with them.

It was a startling fact that the majority of the workers taking the survey felt like they were not well equipped to deal with health and safety risks in the workplace. 20% of the responders said they wouldn’t have any idea about how to report a hazard at work, and 32% stated that they had a vague idea about how to handle an issue, but would still need to seek help.

So what do business owners need to do to keep their staff safe?

Increasing awareness of health and safety issues and employee well being is essential for growing a strong safety culture at work. Appointing individual staff members to take on more personal responsibilities for their own, and other’s, safety is a good start.

Training key staff members on information technology and implementing health and safety software, such as Blue Lemon cloud-based software solution, will take managing your health and safety to the next level. You will be supplying your key staff with the tools to better protect themselves and others from the risks present in their working environment.

Health and Safety SoftwareBlue Lemon software is the ideal gateway for your staff to access your company health and safety data because it manages, records and stores everything you need to meet your health and safety compliance.

  • You can easily manage all of your health and safety certificates in one place and get a timely reminder when they are due for renewal.
  • Staff health and safety training can be easily kept up because you can schedule, report and record all staff training requirements.
  • Equipment safety checks need to be done by law and you can easily record all of your equipment checks and your maintenance reports.
  • Manage your risk assessments in one place and be reminded when it is time for a renewal.
  • Easily report your workplace accidents in one place and send out instant notifications when they occur. Track incident reports and analysis to show any trends to be addressed.
  • Never lose a document again with our quick and convenient Health & Safety Documentation storage. Staff can easily access your company health and safety policies from one source.

Ask yourself how your company measures up. Are you doing enough to meet your health and safety requirements?