Fire alarm

DRAM Fire & Security is one of London’s leading providers of high-quality security and fire detection solutions. We carry a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering a first rate service at cost-effective prices all across London.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Why is it important to keep your fire alarms maintained? Apart from the practical benefits of having a well-maintained fire protection system, regular testing of your fire equipment is necessary by law. The Regulatory Reform Order 2005, requires that premises must be equipped with appropriate fire detectors and alarms. DRAM Security can provide you with a complete maintenance and care programme to meet all of your fire safety needs. We will perform expert equipment inspections and replace or repair your fire alarm components as necessary. This will ensure that your fire safety equipment will continue to function correctly.

Work carried out by fully qualified fire safety engineers

Your fire alarm system will be safely managed by our team of fully qualified engineers who are trained to the highest level. We are here for you when you need us, so in the event of an emergency simply give us a quick call and our experienced technicians will be able to repair and reset your fire alarms.

No matter whether you require a routine maintenance and service inspection, or your alarm system has broken down and is in need of repair, DRAM Security can take care of it in a professional and effective manner. Our comprehensive service will guarantee that your fire alarm system will be up and running again in full working order in no time at all. We offer a safety service you can trust!

Why is fire alarm servicing so important?

The only reliable method of ensuring that your fire alarms are functioning correctly is to have a regular service check-up and testing of your alarm systems that are already in place.

Having your fire alarms regularly serviced is crucial for ensuring their reliability in case of an emergency. It is not just wanting to make sure they will work when intended that is important, but also that by having regular servicing done you will be able to increase the life span of your alarm system.

An important point to remember: Faulty or substandard fire alarms can invalidate your insurance policy. In the event of an emergency, fire alarms that have not been serviced regularly or maintained to an appropriate level will not function at their best, so placing both human lives and property at risk.

DRAM Fire & Security London will be pleased to inspect your property and advise you on the best fire and safety equipment to suit your level of need. We can install and maintain new fire alarm systems as well as regularly service your existing fire alarms that you may already have in place.

Please feel free to give one of our friendly customer service team members a call to discuss your needs on: 0800 161 3726 or 020 7206 2524. We are here to help!