Precision Pain

By 9th November 2020Partners

When you are looking for medico-legal pain expertise, I can provide you with the support you need. I draw up reports on all aspects of pain medicine including reports for personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

I am a well-respected, experienced expert witness and leader in my field of pain medicine. I work with solicitors and barristers in medical negligence and personal injury sector and can provide you with excellent medico-legal report-writing.

My reports are well-crafted and are written to be understandable to everyone including non-medical readers, which is useful when used as evidence in court. My reports are robust and stand up to professional challenge and scrutiny.

I pride myself on my great care and attention to detail when handling all types of medico-legal processes and I will personally work closely with you as part of your team to offer you the best medical and medico-legal advice and support.

Whether you need a report for a defendant or claimant or joint, I can assist you with all medical pain related matters in personal injury and medical negligence cases, including causation and prognosis reports.

My medico-legal services include:

  • Case conferences with barristers
  • Clinical negligence evaluation short reports
  • Desktops reports
  • Detailed reports for clinical negligence claims
  • Detailed reports for comprehensive personal injury claims
  • Joint opinions
  • Pain Expert Reports for Private Medical Insurers
  • Pain Testimony for Coroner’s cases
  • Reports for Criminal Injury Compensation cases

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and to discuss your needs.