Adapting Your Website for the Pandemic Lockdown

By 22nd June 2020Website changes

The past few months have seen an amazing shift in buying habits with the Covid-19 virus and the subsequent UK lockdown.

With so many businesses needing to close their doors and adapt to contact-less services, many business owners have had to adapt to a new way of working.

While many businesses have adopted hands-off practices or putting in measures for safe social distancing for staff and customers, a lot of small business owners have turned their attention to online marketing and sales to fill the gap.

Therefore your business website must be sending a clear message to confused or worried customers that you are still open for business, and they can still purchase from you.

Add a Covid-19 message

A well-worded, short and friendly message clearly displayed on your website can help to reassure your customers and explain what measures you have in place. You can place this message on your home page, but it should also go on your blog and any other important pages as people may not always land on your homepage.

You could place a banner on each page with a short message and a link to your main message. That way you will be covered no matter what page a user may land on. It is better to keep your message short and friendly using neutral colours so as not to alarm or panic your web visitors.

Adapting your services

If you have been able to adapt your business to continue trading, then it will help to clearly explain this to your existing customers and to help encourage new customers to buy from you.

For example, if you run a local restaurant that has had to close its doors, but you have switched to a takeaway or delivery service, then you can tell your customers this and it will show that you are doing something positive for your local community.

Make sure you are reachable

During this time a lot of business are having to operate from home, so if this is the case make sure that your incoming communications are properly diverted. Also, make sure that your business information is correct with updated business hours and contact numbers wherever your business is listed.

Your website should show amended contact details, even though they may be temporary. You don’t want to confuse your customers that are trying to reach you through an unanswered business phone or an email request that never gets a reply.

Send out regular newsletters

If you have built up a sizeable customer list that has opted to receive newsletters and alerts, now is the time to take advantage of this direct contact opportunity with your customers.

You can send out your Covid-19 message and information about your new working practices as well as your updated contact information. It is a good idea to send out dedicated updates about your situation and any changes you are implementing as the lockdown is being lifted.

If you need help updating your business website at this time to help keep your customers informed and engaged, then do not hesitate to contact Exclusive Web for our help. We can update your business website for you to put your mind at ease that you are doing everything you can to reassure your customers and prepare them for your return to normal trading.