Top Tips for Updating Your Business Website During the Pandemic

By 22nd June 2020Website tips

The COVID-19 virus is still dominating the news headlines and impacting heavily on our lifestyles. This is a scary time for everyone, but especially for business owners that are worried about keeping their staff and customers safe while still operating.

No matter what business you operate, this pandemic is affecting your customers and audience, so it is important to keep them updated with what measures you have taken to protect your business and your customers.

When it comes to updating your website, here are a few solid tips about what changes you need to put in place to get your message across, reassure your existing customers and also inform prospective new customers how they can get your products or services delivered safely.

Updating your website with your Covid-19 message

Because your homepage may not be the first page that your visitors land on, it would make more sense to change your site header to get over your COVID-19 information. This means that everyone going to your website, regardless of which page they visit, will find your latest information and updates about how you are operating at this current time.

There are two options to take to update your header:

  • Add a link in your main navigation (good for content management system sites)
  • Add an alert bar that sits above the navigation (good for drawing attention)

You need to ensure that your alert bar:

  • Can easily be dismissed by users
  • Can be customised easily
  • Can be toggled on or off
  • Is in a contrasting colour to draw your visitor’s attention

If you are not sure how to do either of these options, then you can get help from Exclusive Web. We can do this for you as well as advise you about other changes you can make to your business website while we are living through this pandemic.

Update your homepage masthead

Updating your homepage masthead is a good idea because even when you have updated your header with your Covid-19 message, your homepage will be an important place for your visitors to find out how the pandemic is impacting your service and your customers.

Updating your homepage is also good for signalling Google and the other major search engines that your site has been updated and can be ranked for new content.

You should keep your language short to help prevent text-wrapping on narrow browser sizes.

Use action language for your message, such as:

  • Follow our updates
  • Explore the latest alerts
  • Keep up to date

Also, by setting up a dedicated Covid-19 content page, you will be able to easily post all of your latest updates on your site and won’t need to change the URL. This means you won’t need to change the information on your alert bar each time you post a new update and your customers can bookmark your information page to quickly check on your latest updates.

It also makes it clear to Google and other search engines that you have a key page for your website with information about the pandemic, which is great for SEO purposes.

Don’t forget that if you need any assistance with updating your business website, Exclusive Web is here to help! Contact us to discuss how we can help your business website give out the right information to your customers.