Three Reasons Why you should Update your Business Website

By 22nd June 2020Website updates

Your business website represents the face of your business online. Even the smallest of businesses must have a strong web presence to raise their awareness and allow potential new customers to discover them.

But what a lot of small business owners fail to do is to keep their website updated. To be successful it isn’t just about having a business website, it’s about delivering the right message with your website.

Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized business owners cannot afford the time to dedicate to keeping their business website updated and current. This is a shame because they will be missing out on so much potential business by neglecting their website.

Let’s take a look at why you should consider updating your website and have it properly maintained to keep your site current, delivering the right message to your users and rank high in search engine results for your particular industry.

1: Visual branding appeal

Creating the right look and presenting a consistent brand image is important as this makes your website look professional. The information you offer on your site should also be useful, interesting and relative to your particular industry or sector.

If your site is poorly designed with a weak structure and contains old and out of date information, your visitors will not see you as an authority figure or expert in your field that they should trust.

The key to a successful website is to have a consistent and recognisable visual brand and offer engaging graphics, valuable information, and a sound structure that makes it easy for your visitors to navigate your site and quickly find what they are looking for.

2: Mobile-friendly design

The UK is now a nation of smartphone users. We carry the internet around with us in our pocket or handbag and expect to find the information we need in seconds.

Your website needs to use a responsive mobile-first design that functions across all platforms. If your site was built a few years ago, it will be missing out on a whole new mobile generation.

When you consider that Google’s 2015 mobile-friendly update was catering for the growing audience of smartphone users, your site would have been downgraded in the rankings due to not being a mobile-friendly site.

3: Fresh and valuable content

Once you have hooked in your audience with the engaging look and feel of your business website, you need to hold their attention and keep them on your website by providing them with the useful information that they are searching for.

Having a site makeover or update will allow you to re-connect with your customers and attract new web visitors to your site by providing them with fresh, new and engaging content. The content you hold on your website should be considered as your most valuable asset.

Remember that you only have about five seconds to engage and connect with your web visitors so if you haven’t added any fresh information for a long time, your visitors won’t hang around to read the information they have seen before.

Adding fresh content regularly also helps to boost your search engine rankings as sites with fresh information get indexed more often and appear higher in rankings for your chosen keywords or key phrases.

If your business website needs updating, do not hesitate to contact Exclusive Web for a web audit. We can analyse your current website and recommend actions to take to bring it up to date to perform better for your business.