If you are planning to sell products online you would most likely need advanced e-commerce shopping system. The shopping website will not only allow to sell online, it will also have some other useful features like: collecting customer details, sending automated emails, reporting about stock and orders, setting up special offers etc…

There are two options to choose from depending on your budget and advances features of the shopping cart itself.


E-commerce on a budget

This is the best option for people and companies for which selling online is not the main part of the business. The e-commerce platforms like Woocomerce for WordPress offer good quality service at affordable price but if you need to sell high volume of products or expecting a lot of sales, the system might struggle to handle a lot of traffic. For bigger online sellers it might not be powerful enough.


Professional & high performance shopping system

Those are the best options for companies which want to take selling seriously and their online selling is one of the most important parts of the business. The shopping systems we recommend are: PrestaShop & Magento. Both systems are powerful and fully customisable.

Presta Shop & Magento