With a big push to get customers to shop small and local this year, research still shows that up to 70% of small businesses have no effective SEO strategy. For a Derby-based business owner, you need to be able to leverage your SEO to give your business the competitive edge you need to be able to win new customers, raise your local profile, and keep your direct competition at bay. These days most local business searches are done via a smartphone, so if your Derby business website isn’t properly optimised for mobile devices, or you don’t have the right SEO in place, then you are missing out on a huge swathe of paying customers. As more customers are moving over to buying local and supporting small businesses, if you have the right SEO techniques in place you will see your business flourish. This is why you must make the most of your marketing efforts, including local SEO, specifically focused on attracting customers from the Derby area.

Local SEO is important for community businesses

If your business supports your local Derby community with your products or services, then local SEO is a must-have to allow you to continue to grow, especially as competition for local search traffic will only become more competitive over time. Cost-effective SEO in Derby supplied by Exclusive Web will help to optimise your business website to increase local leads, boost traffic to your website, raise awareness of your brand so you can gain the trust of customers living or working right on your doorstep. However, no matter how good you think your business website is, it is essential to understand that local SEO techniques go far beyond pleasing Google. Your local customers will use various search engines and social media platforms to find your business, so you must ensure that your website is easily found across a lot of different platforms. Even with optimising for Google alone, you will need to make sure your business website appears in results in localized search results such as ‘near me’, Maps, and Local Pack.

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The significance of SEO Derby

The local SEO techniques we use at Exclusive Web aims to help people find your business that lives or work locally. They will be looking for local companies for their needs as it is more convenient for them to get what they need quickly and be able to communicate with a local company that they know and trust rather than a large faceless national or international company. The added significance of this is that you will be able to build a positive vibe around your business and become a recognised local company that is trustworthy and recommended by other local customers. In turn, your customer ratings will improve, which has a knock-on effect of increasing your rankings on all the major search engines.

Local SEO in Derby

With people now carrying around the internet in their pocket, having instant information at their fingertips has become a priority for web users. When it comes to purchasing goods and services, and even impulse buying directly from a smartphone, web metrics and audience analytics show that most users don’t bother going further than the second page of their search results before making a purchase.

This is why local SEO is so important for local Derby-based businesses if they want to attract the customers right on their own doorstep and also build a strong, trustworthy reputation within their local community. When looking for a cost-effective SEO company in Derby to work with, look no further than Exclusive Web.