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Stunning Websites

Stand out from the crowd with our trendy designs and responsive layouts (mobile/tablets friendly).


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Affordable local SEO services (Search engine optimisation) from your local SEO experts.


Advanced Web Development

We build complex websites, including CMS, E-commerce or custom made systems.


Professional Website Designer & Developer in Nuneaton

If you are running a Nuneaton-based business and you require a professional web designer, look no further than Exclusive Web.

Many business owners are aware that Google started rolling out their ‘mobile-first indexing’ in 2018. This action has meant that a lot of small business owners are being left behind with an old-style website that isn’t mobile-friendly.

With more than 60% of all traffic coming from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it is not surprising that many business websites built years ago are being left behind.

Clunky, old-fashioned web designs were not built for today’s modern technology and as the speed of delivery is so important these days, your business simply cannot afford to lose customers because of a slow-loading, mobile-incompatible business website.

Your business must have a truly responsive online website that is not only mobile-centric but is well designed to deliver the information that your web visitor is looking for as quickly as possible.

Exclusive Web, Nuneaton understands that Google and the other main search engines will rank lower in search results those websites that are slow to load and are not mobile-friendly.

This is why we like to understand your business completely before we start working on your website. Whether you need a brand-new website or you would like us to overhaul your existing business website, we are here to help you!

We like to reverse-engineer your website to make the end-user experience the very best it can be. We can look at fixing issues to lower the load time of your website, update and improve your web functionality and give it the makeover it needs to help raise your web presence and create the right first impression of your company.

Responsive & Modern Design

Smartphones and tablets are commonly used for internet browsing these days. We make sure our websites properly display and work on those devices.

Top Quality & Attention to Detail

Standing out from the crowd could be difficult but with our stunning design and features it can be easily achieved.

Advanced Web Development

We are not scared of big projects. We build custom made systems based on CMS or e-commerce platforms for demanding clients.

All Web Services in One Place

We do not only design and develop websites. We offer full service including: hosting & email configuration, SEO, online marketing and much more.

More reasons to work with us!

We know that there are still lots of small business owners in the Nuneaton area that don’t believe they need a professional website for their business. This could be because they have been in business for years without the need of one, or they think that simple word of mouth is enough to bring in the customers that they need.

In this digital age, this simply isn’t enough any longer. Your business needs a professionally designed website to meet the needs of your business if you want it to carry on long into the future.

If you are from a generation that didn’t grow up with the internet and computers, you may struggle to understand modern technology and the importance of having a professionally designed and developed business website.

Exclusive Web is here to help by working closely with you to create a website that will transform your ideas into reality. We can build you a website that will help your business gain credibility in a world where your potential new customers will want to check out your business online before trusting you with their money.

We offer you excellent ongoing follow-up support in the form of website maintenance and regular updates, content creation and SEO to help raise awareness of your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us should your business need a brand-new website designed, a find and fix problem-solving solution for your existing website, or a complete overhaul and update of your website to make it mobile-first compatible.

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