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Affordable & Professional Web Services with Personal Approach!


Stunning Websites

Stand out from the crowd with our trendy designs and responsive layouts (mobile/tablets friendly).


SEO & Online Marketing

Affordable local SEO services (Search engine optimisation) from your local SEO experts.


Advanced Web Development

We build complex websites, including CMS, E-commerce or custom made systems.


Professional Website Designer & Developer in Birmingham

A lot of small business owners need the help of a good web designer in Birmingham but often they don’t have the available budget to afford to hire a large web design company.

Another problem is that we are living in a world where you don’t need to be a professionally trained web designer to be able to create your own website. There are plenty of DIY website template building services online these days.

However, if you want to take your small business seriously, you need the help and advice of a professional web developer to ensure that your website works perfectly in both form and function.

When you need help with your business website you do have an alternative to an expensive web design company that may only be able to offer you a fixed package with a range of inflexible options, most of which you may not even need.

You can hire a reputable and reliable web designer with Exclusive Web Birmingham. Over my many years of web design and development, I have learned that everyone’s needs are different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to business web site creation.

This is why with Exclusive Web you will get your very own dedicated web designer to work with you one-to-one to perfectly tailor your website to suit your individual needs.

Responsive & Modern Design

Smartphones and tablets are commonly used for internet browsing these days. We make sure our websites properly display and work on those devices.

Top Quality & Attention to Detail

Standing out from the crowd could be difficult but with our stunning design and features it can be easily achieved.

Advanced Web Development

We are not scared of big projects. We build custom made systems based on CMS or e-commerce platforms for demanding clients.

All Web Services in One Place

We do not only design and develop websites. We offer full service including: hosting & email configuration, SEO, online marketing and much more.

More reasons to work with us!

Competitive rates

Most business owners on a tight budget will often be tempted by cheap web design rates offered by people that will only offer bare-bones web design. But if you want any specific functions or features added, you will end up paying through the nose to get them.

This is not how Exclusive Web works. Instead of spending out more money on your website than you originally intended to get the functionality, style and appeal you need, you will get a fully comprehensive service that matches your available budget perfectly.

As a specialist in WordPress web design, Exclusive Web is also a very useful source of ongoing support for your WordPress needs maintenance needs.

Straight talking information

Another bonus of working with Exclusive Web is that you will not be bamboozled by too much tech mumbo-jumbo talk. There are not many small business owners that know much about the technicalities of web design and this is why you are looking for professional help.

You will find that most large web design companies will use a lot of industry tech-speak when they talk to you about their plans for your website. This can mean you could end up agreeing to plans, changes and additional bells and whistles that you don’t understand or even need.

Don’t be dazzled by lots of tech mumbo-jumbo – come to Exclusive Web where we will speak to you in clear English.

Web design and development services Birmingham

Once upon a time, you needed to hire a web designer to get the aesthetics you need for your business website and a separate web developer to ensure your website’s functionality.

This is no longer the case these days, and with Exclusive Web, you can get both web design and web development in one service.

This is a more cost-effective approach to your website build because we will be able to deliver you with a beautiful and seamlessly integrated website that combines the best of both worlds.

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